Imagine a world where you can enhance the beauty of the cosmos without stellar distractions.

Neural Star Removal is here to turn this dream into a reality.

Based on scientific data from Irsa/Ipac, our cutting-edge software goes beyond star removal; it fills the space with impeccable scientific realism.

Forget the complications. With Neural Star Removal, you can focus solely on the magic of nebulas, galaxies, and other elements.

Revolutionize your astrophotography and explore a world of possibilities.

Welcome to the era of the astrophotographic revolution.

A standalone solution

A Powerful Standalone Software with Seamless Compatibility: Our software is a top-tier standalone solution designed to provide you with complete and uncompromising control over manipulating your astronomical images. However, what truly sets Neural Star Removal apart is its impeccable integration capability with any other processing software you prefer to use.

While you enjoy the independence and power of our standalone software, rest assured that when you desire it, Neural Star Removal seamlessly adapts to your existing workflow. This versatility allows you to fully leverage your editing skills, regardless of your software preferences.

In short, Neural Star Removal is the perfect companion for the modern astrophotographer, giving you the best of both worlds: autonomy and uninterrupted compatibility. Revolutionize your approach to astrophotography and discover how simple and potent it can be.

“Compatible with Windows and Mac OS with Intel and Apple M1-M2, Nvidia Cuda and all recent processors.”
Please note: Neural Star Removal uses threaded processes, so it works well even with a CPU, the results vary by a few seconds.

  • Irsa/Ipac Data

    Neural Star Removal (NSR) is powered by the potency of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and scientific datasets, ensuring precise star removal and space-filling with scientific validity, all with remarkable uniformity in your astrophotographs.

  • Stable Diffusion

    Once the astronomical object in your photo is identified, stars are replaced through stable diffusion using specific data from that object, without creating any artificial portions of the sky.

  • Big data

    Our GAN has been trained on millions of data points from various astronomical sources and databases, ensuring exceptional capability to interpret and enhance your astronomical images.


The Essence of Difference

What truly sets us apart? It’s the approach we’ve embraced from the very beginning.

Scientific Data-Driven Control: Unlike others, our AI is rigorously guided and controlled by scientific data. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to perfecting your astronomical images. Every adjustment is rooted in solid scientific foundations, preserving the authenticity of your photographs.

Perfect Color Rendering: Color is paramount in the art of capturing the cosmos. In contrast to others, our software impeccably preserves the richness and beauty of celestial colors. Each image becomes a captivating representation of the universe.

Intuitive Interface: Simplicity is the key to perfection. The user interface of our software is designed with you in mind, turning the process into a delightful and intuitive experience.

Extraordinary Speed and Efficiency: Time is precious. Our software offers exceptional processing speed, freeing you from unnecessary delays and enabling you to dedicate yourself to creating extraordinary images with GPU acceleration.

Exceptional Support: Our dedication to your success is unparalleled. With our software, you’ll receive unmatched support and become part of a community of enthusiasts who share your passion.

In the world of astrophotography, we’re much more than a choice. We’re a revolution. Reach new heights in your craft with Neural Star Removal.

Welcome to the era of ultimate astrophotography.

  • Data Engineering

    We're much more than just a trendy AI; we're a genuine Artificial Intelligence under control.

  • Data & Analytics

    We don't just gather data; we analyze it and adapt algorithms for the recognition of astronomical objects.

  • NLP

    In our GAN, we've integrated a natural language processing (NLP) system to enable the analysis of astronomical texts in addition to image data.

  • Automations

    No action required on your part. Simply upload your photo and start the process.

  • Object Tracking

    Coming Soon

  • Prediction System

    Coming Soon


We are living in an epochal moment in astrophotography, with our technology paving the way for a new chapter of excellence in exploring and capturing the cosmos. With ‘Celestial Revolution,’ we aim to convey the notion of a significant and extraordinary change that is completely redefining how we perceive and capture the universe.

  • Microsoft® Windows®

    • Windows-based hardware PC with mouse or similar input device
    • Intel® or AMD® CPU with 2 cores
    • 4 GB of RAM
    • Operating System Windows 7® (only 64-bit OS), Windows 8.1® (only 64-bit OS), Windows 10® (only 64-bit OS)
    • 1 GB free space for installation
  • Apple® Macintosh®

    • Intel® CPU with 2 cores
    • Compatible with M1-M2 CPU (coming soon)
    • 4 GB of RAM
    • MacOS Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14.6, High Sierra 10.13.1, Sierra 10.12.6, El Capitan 10.11.6
    • 1 GB free space for installation

When you need support, we're here to help.